Dear friends!

We are glad to see you at this site! We created the professional universal calculation portal "UniCalc" to provide calculation of various areas of knowledge for the most diverse users.

Specific features of the UniCalc (differences from other similar projects)

The portal was exceptionally created for practical work and studies. Quite large base of the formulas (which is been constantly increasing, including in accordance with your suggestions) combines with simple and (we hope) handy interface.

Possibility to calculate any variable of the formula. E. g. the formula E=mc2. You can make both direct calculation (to assign the mass m and determine the energy E) and inverse calculation – to set the energy value E and calculate the mass m. Restriction is for the present – one can determine single variable only (which is found at the formula one time only). We consider this restriction will be eliminated soon.

Possibility to set any (relevant, of course) unit for each variable. E. g. E=mc2 again. You can set the mass (m) in pounds (not kilogrammes as ordered with International System of Units).

Possibility to provide calculations with your own formulas. More about syntax see at "Help".

Possibility to search formulas by keywords. For example formula named "Pythagorean theorem" (c2=a2+b2) will be found both by name and by keywords "hypotenuse" and "leg".

Before work please acquaint with the user agreement. In brief: you can use this portal free of charge independently of the purpose (individual or commercial); you accept this project "as is"; there are no any liability and responsibility from our part.

User agreement

This agreement regulates the use order of the Universal calculation portal "UniCalc" (further - "Portal", "Site"). If the user begins to use the Portal,it implies that the user has acquaint with this agreement and is agree with its terms entirely.
1. The Portal is non-commercial project. Its general purpose is to provide calculation of various areas of knowledge for the most diverse users.
2. One can use the Portal freely with both commercial and non-commercial purpose.
3. Use of the Portal is free of charge. Nobody can demand any charge for Portal's service.
4. Users or strangers may (at own discretion exceptionally) provide financial help for authors of the Site by transferring of any amount of money to "electronic purse" at online payment system mentioned in the Site. Providing or non-providing this help doesn't bring influence on users' or strangers' possibilities of use of this Site and doesn't entail appearance / abatement of any rights and duties.
5. At the discretion of the authors any advertisement can be placed at the Site.
6. The authors appreciate deeply for substantial suggestions about the Site operation. However, users must accept the content, operations, appearance and other features of the Site "as is" and be agree that authors have not necessarily to take into account any suggestion and (or) give a response.
7. The authors have not to provide technical support.
8. The authors are not responsible for any straight or consequential loss caused by activity or inactivity of the users and (or) the strangers during the Portal use.
9. The authors don't guaranty the Site operability and are not responsible for abnormal operation of the Site irrespective of malfunction cause.
10. The authors don't guaranty the period of the Site existing and working. The authors may stop the Site's activity at any point with no notification.
11. All rights of authors reserved and have protected by law. Nobody can reproduce (fully or partly) program code of the Site, copy graphic data, creating of clones of the Portal irrespective of the purpose and intention.
12. The authors can change this agreement at any time. Changes come into force at once with publication of new version of this agreement at the Site.

We strive not to make error in formulas. However, it is necessary to get check solution manually at first use of the formula for perfect exception of wrong results. Please inform us in case of incorrect calculation.

We improve our resource continuously: develop new functions, develop procedures and add new formulas. We are responsive to your suggestions, please mail to admin@unicalc.net

Work with pleasure!

Authors of the UniCalc

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