What is the UniCalc?

Professional calculation service "UniCalc.Net" is the base of mathematics and physics formulae with calculation capacity. Now the base contains more than 700 formulae and extended continuously. The service is free absolutely for both private and commercial purposes.

Who take probably an interest in this service?

We hope our project will interest students of technological universities and colleges, engineers-practitioners and everybody who is not indifferent to physics and mathematics.

What you can get in UniCalc?

You can calculate both available formula (from the base) and own (arbitrary) formula.

To calculate a formula from the base:

1. Select a formula (use "
Catalog of formulas
" or find by keywords).

2. Define values of variables and leave one variable field empty (sought quantity).
3. If necessary one can choose different units for each variable (SI default).
4. Just click "Calculate" and get a result.

To calculate own formula, it should type this formula without units to special field (at top of the page), e. g. b = (a1+a2)*a3, click «Enter» and follow directions.

Visit "About" to detailed information about the project. Page "Help" contains supplementary information about calculation order including syntax rules for own formula.

Work with pleasure!

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